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Online cockfighting at i9bet ltd has always been one of the captivating recreational games that attracts a significant number of participants, especially those who have a fondness for this discipline. Each day at the betting site, hundreds of different cockfighting matches take place, yet they still cannot meet the betting demands of enthusiasts both locally and internationally. In today’s article, let i9bet nha cai delve into the details of this topic.

General Information about Online Cockfighting

Online cockfighting nowadays originated from the traditional form of cockfighting. Rooster fights have long been a beloved and cherished traditional folk game in our country. Then, during the 4.0 era, the form of online cockfighting emerged successfully in the world of online betting.

Online cockfighting has become a popular form of entertainment that many enthusiasts choose nowadays. It gradually turns into a prevailing trend as technology continues to advance and becomes more convenient compared to traditional cockfighting.

While in Vietnam, individuals are unable to engage in cockfighting betting due to it being considered a violation of the law, neighboring countries like Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, and more have legalized cockfighting as a legitimate activity. In these nations, major cockfighting arenas frequently host intense matches with powerful fighting roosters.

Reasons for the Popularity of i9bet ltd Online Cockfighting

At i9bet, the cockfighting betting arena receives thousands of visits from all around the world daily. More and more players choose the online cockfighting format at our betting platform for the following reasons:

24/7 Betting Anywhere

With the traditional form of cockfighting, individuals need to physically attend the event location to watch and place bets, which can be time-consuming and demanding. On the other hand, with online cockfighting, players only need a smart device with an internet connection to follow and participate in betting at any time and from anywhere.

100% Personal Information Security

When participating in i9bet ltd’s online cockfighting, players’ personal information is absolutely safeguarded by Sodo Casino. There’s no need to worry about personal information leakage to local authorities or governments.

Swift Deposit and Withdrawal of Betting Funds

After engaging in online betting, if a player wins a bet, the betting funds are immediately transferred to their account. If a player decides to stop playing, they can easily withdraw their winnings to their bank account.

Basic Rules of i9bet ltd Online Cockfighting

Whether in the traditional or modern form, to ensure fairness like in other cockfighting matches, the rules of online cockfighting include the following three fundamental criteria:

Round Duration

Depending on the physical condition of the roosters, each round typically lasts between 10 to 15 minutes of combat. The fighting roosters have about 5 minutes between rounds to drink water and rest, regaining strength after each round of combat.

Weight and Style Matching

To ensure a fair match, the two roosters in an online i9bet ltd cockfight must have similar weight and body shape. The roosters’ weights are checked to pair them before the fight, and they must use the same type of spurs during the match.

Determining the Winner

In a cockfighting match, a rooster is declared the loser if it refuses to attack its opponent or receives too many hits without retaliating. Additionally, if a fighting rooster runs away from the ring more than 3 times or is killed by the opponent, it also results in a loss.

Watching High-Quality Online Cockfighting at i9bet ltd

For those still uncertain about where to watch exciting cockfighting matches, we suggest visiting the Sodo website. Sodo Casino is pleased to provide live cockfighting matches via the internet, with intense action coming from major cockfighting arenas in Cambodia, the Philippines, Thailand, and more.

When joining i9bet, players can watch live cockfighting matches with high resolution. Moreover, participating in each match betting guarantees fairness and equality. Players need not worry about any collusion between fighting roosters and referees to manipulate the betting outcomes.

Sodo, a reputable platform, ensures the collection and distribution of betting funds after each match in a fair manner. Winning betting funds are promptly transferred to players’ accounts. And in case players decide to quit, they can withdraw their funds.

In Conclusion

The above is a comprehensive sharing about online cockfighting at, compiled and shared by our platform. Through this article, we hope you have gained a more comprehensive understanding of the professional cockfighting system provided by i9betCasino.